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Election Results are Rolling In!!


All our hard work for local and nationwide campaigns paid off!!

As we write, Congressman Mike Levin has a 5 point (and widening) lead in the CA 49 Congressional District race with 79% of the vote counted. Cathy Blakespear seems poised to flip a State Senate seat blue, with 86% of the vote counted. The final results are still out on most of the races at the local and congressional level. Stay tuned!!

The news is great nationally as well. John Fetterman won his senatorial race handily against GOP candidate Mehmet Oz. Warnock beat Walker in Georgia, but not by enough to avoid a runoff in December. All hands on deck here!!  But Catherine Cortez Masto defended her senate seat in Nevada!!! This despite being down as much as 6 points in the polls!! Votes matter!! 

And everywhere women's health choices were on the ballot, women won!! 

Recent Club Meetings

November 12th Meeting


Judith Vaughs, a representative from Planned Parenthood, gave us a rundown on the state of abortion rights and women's health matters in in this country. Judith has long been associated with the pro-choice movement, both locally and nationally. She's particularly focused on health equity issues. Her focus in her talk to ENCDC were the barriers to women's health care choices in a Post-Dobbs environment.

One of the biggest barriers now is of course travel. With several states moving quickly to forbid abortion entirely, women must travel sometimes enormous distances to get the health care they need. For women in the lower economic brackets, these distances are prohibitive without help. 

California has been proactive in their empowerment of women in this regard. As a result, clinics have seem a dramatic rise in treated cases, on the order of several thousand percent. Many clinics are now operating 7 days a week in an effort to accommodate the influx of patients from out-of-state.

2023 will witness several PP-driven local policy initiatives that continue to focus on women's health equity. Training for volunteers, as well as youth connection and empowerment, fundraising, rallies to keep the issues visible in the public sphere, and working with political campaigns. There's a lot to be done. But Judith's final words to us were to rest and find joy. We deserve both.

- Next Meeting: In 2023!!