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Encinitas and North Coast Democratic Club


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Next ENCDC Meeting: October 7, 2023 


California Schools and Textbook Bans

We have all heard about the banning of certain textbooks by radicalized groups in Florida, thereby preventing students to get a good inclusive education.  This issue is no longer just in Florida but right here in our backyard at the Temecula Schools.  However, lucky for our students, Governor Newsom has announced that the State of California will begin the process of securing textbooks for students in the Temecula Valley Unified School District and enact legislation to fine school districts for failure to provide adequate instructional materials.  We can no longer ignore what is going on in our schools.


Francine Busby, former President of the Cardiff Education Foundation and School Board Trustee and Chair of the San Diego Democratic Party will speak on why all of us, inspite of the fact that we may not have school-going children, should be engaged in this issue.


Michele Tsutagawa Ward, Carlsbad School Board Trustee Area 1, will speak on the challenges facing the Carlsbad School Board.


Thanks to all the
volunteers who manned our booth at the fair. And thanks to all of you who stopped by. 

May 6th Picnic Meeting


The club met on May 6th in Aviara Park to picnic, chat, and elect officers. Congressman Mike Levin joined us to give us a rundown on how the House of Representatives is functioning.

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Recent Club Meetings

August Meeting


LGBTQ+ people are particularly vulnerable to human traffickers in part due to bias and discrimination in jobs and housing, thus allowing traffickers to step in and pretend to help.


To fully understand this issue, Max Disposti, Founder and Executive Director of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center will speak with us on:  "Human Trafficking in the LGBTQ+ Community"


Max’s expertise are on human trafficking prevention, LGBTQ immigrants and queer homeless youth.  Max is currently Senate appointee, California State Board of Behavioral Science Chair (BBS),  San Diego (SD) LGBT Leadership Council since 2009, SD County Sheriff LGBTQ Advisory Council since 2013,  FBI advisory summit since 2016, Oceanside MLK Scholarship Award Committee since 2013,  Oceanside MLK Civic Award Committee since 2013,  Advisory Committee for Behavioral Health Services since 2019,  Health and Human Services Advisory Council District 76 since 2019.

- Next Meeting: October 7, 2023. In-Person meeting at Aviara Park.

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