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Next Club Meeting
May 7th 

Meeting will be Face-to-Face at Alga Norte Overlook.

Guest Speaker: 

Lela Panagides (Board President of Rapid Response Housing Solutions) will speak on the work this team does to prevent people in the North County San Diego area from falling into the homelessness services system.

EBoard Elections

Book Raffle:  "Madame Speaker: Nancy Pelosi and the Lessons of Power" by Susan Page

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Wikimedia Commons image captured from Flickr user jordanuhl7. Used Unmodified.

In an unprecedented leak of a preliminary decision draft from the desk of Justice Samuel Alito, it is now clear that SCOTUS is determined to undermine decades of social progress. The deeply flawed opinion, written in what attempts to characterize "Originalist" perceptions about basic rights in this country, opens the gate to reversing other hard-won legal battles such as gender, marital, and even racial equality.

When the news of the document, released by Politico, hit the streets, demonstrations in D.C. began quickly. A truckload of words on the subject have appeared in print since then, but Roxane Gay's Op-Ed in Thursday's New York Times does a good job of summarizing the matter. In essence: (1) There are many, many good reasons for keeping abortion legal; (2) Regardless of how SCOTUS sees the law, having an abortion is a difficult choice, but it is the woman's choice & and she shouldn't have to explain her reasoning. (3) The specific argument that the ruling uses has many other equality rulings attached to it, and once Roe v. Wade is settled in this way, one or more of those matters will come center-stage in the political sphere. (4) Democrats - both those in position of power and influence, as well as the rest of us, must fight this head-on. The GOP needs to be taught a lesson on who actually runs this country, but that won't happen unless we all are super-motivated to vote them out.

With the 2022 primaries in full swing, this leak could not have come at a more opportune time. Americans favor having access to safe abortions roughly 2:1.


Recent Club Meetings

Candidate Introductions:

Randy Walton is running for Mayor of San Marcos. He stopped in, looking to spread the word about his candidacy. 


Peter Singer introduced himself as a candidate for Seat 36 Superior Court Judge.

Joy Lyndes also checked in with the club. She was appointed to Encinitas City Council representing District 3, and will run for election for the seat.

Teresa Acosta - currently serving on the Carlsbad City Council reached out to ENCDC to join her for coffee chats.

April 5th Meeting


Lincoln Project:

Joe Trippi and Stuart Stevens spoke to the club in a joint address. They introduced their Join the Union movement, which is a group being organized to fight for democracy and build/encourage local activism in support of basic democracy. See:

This will connect a large contingent of people all over the country to:

 - help with legal battles

 - counter misinformation

The two speakers came to build enthusiasm and get people mobilized for the upcoming get-out-the-vote efforts which Democrats need to win in November. 

Points made during the talk:

  • Be Confident! Democrats are the only significant functioning political party

  • Biden is having a very successful presidency, providing calm steady leadership.

  • Democrats offer strength in their diversity, whereas Republicans are simply a white grievance party now.

  • Democrats are the only party supporting a strong nation.

  • Saving Democracy is the only hope of saving the world.

Book recommendation: Twilight of Democracy by Anne Applebaum

Club Endorsements:

 - Mike Levin: Congressman, CA 49 

- Sam Ward: Carlsbad City Council

- Joy Lyndes: Encinitas City Council