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Encinitas and North Coast Democratic Club


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Next ENCDC Meeting: June 3, 2023 via Zoom
(see Meetings Page)

On the next meeting we have Terra Lawson -Remer  County Board of Supervisors, District 3, to speak on:


County Board of Supervisors: Impact at the County Level

Terra Lawson-Remer is an economist and professor serving as a member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors since 2021, and was elected Vice Chair on January 10, 2023.  Terra is a third-generation San Diegan, who served as Senior Advisor in the Obama Administration developing environmental policies to cut pollution from oil drilling and mining.

May 6th Picnic Meeting!


The club met on May 6th in Aviara Park to picnic, chat, and elect officers. Congressman Mike Levin joined us to give us a rundown on how the House of Representatives is functioning.

Street Fair
in Encinitas with ENCDC

Street Fair 23.png

Thank you very much for joining us at the Encinitas Street Fair! We successfully engaged with hundreds of voters and caught the attention of thousands of people. We could not have done it without you.

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Recent Club Meetings

April 1st Meeting


The club welcomed Catherine Blakespear, our new State Senator, who spoke about her work in Sacramento. She described how much more orderly and professional the environment was compared to her local governing experience. Her team were working on three gun safety bills, including the concept of requiring  insurance for gun-owners. Homelessness remains an intractable issue, despite its obvious impact in the state - it's impact and causes are so diffused through the law and culture that a simple legal vector simply shifts the problem without solving it. It's on everyone's mind, and Sacramento continues to look for solutions.

Next up was Rimga Vishkanta, who talked about the challenges local school boards face. School districts and their board meetings have become a flash point for the culture wars during and since the pandemic. Various so-called "Parent Groups" come to the meetings to hijack the agenda and argue about "CRT,"  Trans kids, and other politically-motivated wedge issues.  GOP messaging is promoting this bad, disruptive behavior. And the schools are looking for help in settling the situation down. There are various non-partisan groups that are attempting to step in.

- Next Meeting: June 3, 2023

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