Stay Tuned to Help Key Candidates in 2022


What we did in 2020:

Helped Congressman Mike Levin with his re-election bid!!

Mike is so motivated to do the hard work. Let's keep him, and CA-49!

Volunteered with Tasha Boerner-Horvath's State Assembly Campaign!!

Helped re-elect Catherine Blakespear win the Mayorship of Encinitas!

Terra Lawson-Remer got our help with her bid for San Diego County Board of Supervisors - District #3 Representative!

Very Important to get Terra into the County Board, and we did it!!


Helped Tim Nader in his bid for Superior Court, Seat #30!

We need more judges like Tim!!

Carlsbad City Council had two seats to fill in 2020. We won in District 4!

   - District #4 Teresa Acosta

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Locally 

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 9.14.48 PM.png

When it's Time for the GO-Team to pull together for Turnout work

In Encinitas: Kim Piker is your GO Team Leader.

In Carlsbad: Marcella Wilbur leads the GO Team effort.

California Democrats - Statewide source of voter information and connection

to all county organizations. 

For campaigns within San Diego County, volunteer with Hugh McGrane.

San Diego County Democratic Party - County-level issues, voter info, and

volunteer connectivity.

Dems of Rossmoor - Join an existing text-to-voters campaign complete with training.

Brad Waite will fill you in on the details.

Indivisible49 / Keep the 49th - This group's top priority is keeping CA-49 Blue. Lots

of phone banking,  text banking, and virtual party opportunities. 

Support Efforts in Key Battleground States

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Postcards to Voters​ - Work with Tony the Democrat as we join the original

PostcardsToVoters.org effort in key races up & down  the ballot.

Activate America - The focus is on winnable Senate races west of the Mississippi 

River, From Iowa to Alaska, with phone banking and postcard campaigns.

Swing Left - Nationwide voter outreach and activism. Fund-raise,  write letters, or

meet other like-minded people and architect your own program.

Vote Save America - Voter outreach in key battleground states.

Targeted Phone banking and Text banking in your home state or adopted state.

Indivisible - Nationwide activism and voter outreach. Phone bank, Text bank, and Postcards.