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Next meeting: See you in August!!

Iam sure you must be frustrated with the Presidential debate and the ruling about immunity that came down from the Supreme Court along partisan lines.  The ruling states that presidents are immune from criminal prosecution over “official acts,” a category which the Court appears to define broadly. So, its likely that Trump’s acts on and leading up to January 6th will be postponed until after the election.


Who better to explain what's next for democrats and how to keep fighting for democracy than our Congressman, Mike Levin.


So, come with your questions for Mike and to help Mike Levin's campaign in any way you can. Its critical that democrats take the House, the Senate and the Presidency.


In addition, we have invited our other local candidates for a "Meet & Greet" as it is imperative we support them, so that they all win.  The stakes for the November election are high, so please help these candidates any way you can.


Endorsement Notice:


San Dieguito Union School District Board of Trustees


Kevin Sabellico

August 3rd meeting will be live in Aviara Park.



Meetings are held from 12:30 - 2:00pm. Some meetings may be in-person. Read the details for individual meeting descriptions to see whether they are live or on Zoom.


To Join Zoom 


Meeting ID: 846 2380 2519 Passcode: 651689 

One tap mobile +16699006833

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