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"The ADEM Elections Are Coming Up!"

Every two years, we elect 14 delegates to represent our District 76 in the California Democratic Party to vote for CA Democratic leaders and endorse local candidates, like CA Assemblyperson Tasha Boerner-Horvath and U.S. Congressmember Mike Levin. We have five club members running for the delegate positions: Cess Resnick, Cori Schumacher, Catherine Blakespear, Nancy Hardwick and Harold Standerfer. To vote, you must be a registered Democrat and reside in District 76. All voting will be done by mail, but you must register online to get a ballot.


How To Register to Vote in the ADEM Election and Receive a Paper Ballot

Note: You must be a registered Democrat and reside in our District 76.

  Go online to:


  Find:  Assembly Democrats Voter Registration Form


 Fill out the online form and submit it. The deadline to register for a vote by mail ballot is January 11, 2021.

An ID code will be emailed to you and a paper ballot will be sent to you.

Fill out the paper ballot with the ID code and vote for seven females and seven males.

The club is supporting the North Country Progressive Unity slate.

Postage is prepaid and ballots need to be mailed by January 22, 2021.

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